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    version 9

    karen123 _

      What is the maximum lines I can export in a summary using version 9 and Excel 2010?

      I get a message I have exceeded the row count of 16384. I thought in the past I have exported more than that and am thinking my folder/export options are wrong????



        • version 9
          RalphB _

          Hi Karen


          It sounds like you have Monarch set to export as Excel 5.0/95.  Try changing the xls export setting in Options/Export and Clipboard to eitherExcel 97+(Monarch V8) or Excel 97 + Monarch V9).


          That should fix it.  IIRC, Excel 5 and Excel 95 had a max of 16K rows.  Excel 97 and above increased it to 65+K and Excel 2007 increased it again to 1 million.