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    Filter on subtotal

    Andy Hewitt

      I have a seemingly simple task which I haven't found a solution to.


      Say i have 1000 people in sales all with a unique ID and I want a report to show who has sold over $100000 in total.


      I have data that shows the ID, the item sold and the sales total for the item like this


      ID         ITEM          COST

      ABCD     PNB345       75.00


      how do i get that report


      i think it would be SUBTOTAL on ID filter on SUBTOTAL


      Just haven't figured out the best way of doing it.


      Any ideas.   thanks in advance

        • Filter on subtotal
          Olly Bond

          Hello DFASANDY,


          Filtering in subtotals is best done using the "Matching" tab. If you make a simple summary with ID as the Key field and Cost as the Measure field, with Sum(Cost) as the expression, then double click on the key field and select Matching, and specify it to match only those IDs where the measure value is >1000000.


          Simple ones like this can be done in one pass, some trickier requirements might need an export of the summary and then a second model.


          Best wishes,