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    Consolidating Excel Data From Multiple Tabs

    ARICE01 _

      Can anyone provide guidance as to how I might use Monarch Professional (V11) to create a summary report from an Excel Workbook which contains multiple (over 10) tabs which contains identical format (Columns) but different data, which I would like to consolidate.  I think it is possible to link (concatenate) multiple PDF reports for this purpose, but I do not know if this is possible for multiple tabs within an Excel workbook.


      I can send a screenshot (as example) to you via email, if necessary.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

        • Consolidating Excel Data From Multiple Tabs
          RalphB _

          I don't know if version 11 allows multiple databases/spreadsheets open at one time as I am still on V10.5.  If it doesn't that may be something that may be added to a future version.  But, no matter, you can open up your workbook to Sheet1 or whatever it is and create a model and then export that sheet out to a new file.  Then you can open up your workbook again a go to the next sheet and apply the same model since you said all sheets have the same format and append that sheet to the new file.  Just do the same thing to all your sheets and you will end up with a spreadsheet with all the info on one tab.