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    Datapump v8.5.2.2 backups compatible with Datapump v11.(?)

    Alca _

      Hi there,


      My company are investigating moving to Versions 11 of Monarch and Datapump.


      A good few years ago we did a migration from the Datapump 5 to 8, and the obvious change there was moving from the old .dpf files to .xprj. We used a conversion utility then to convert our .dpfs to .xprj's. I dont beleive at that time we took backups of the datapump process list (or if DP5 had that functionality!) and therefore had to rebuild the process list on the new version of Datapump.


      I don't want to make the assumption that a backup file taken from our current DP install will restore onto a new version of DP and allow jobs to be run.


      I guess the same question is valid around models and projects. Will those models and projects developed in 8.02 Monarch function on later versions?


      Any advice greatly received.





        • Datapump v8.5.2.2 backups compatible with Datapump v11.(?)
          Olly Bond

          Hello Alan,


          First, the easy one. Yes, the xmod and xprj files work fine with v11.


          For the process list, the v9 to v10 upgrade was smooth and the process list didn't need rebuilding. Bu I don't know whether the v11 upgrade installation will read in the v8 database nicely.


          DataPump v10 introduced a nice feature to export the process list as XML, which is very handy for moving processes between DEV and PROD machines.


          All the best,