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    Monarch Manuals

    PYelton _

      Are the Monarch Manuals available in PDF format?  I've always downloaded updates to our Monarch license and apparently manuals don't come with that option.  I need v11 and v10 would be great also.





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          RalphB _

          Hi Paul,


          If you click on HELP in Monarch, you will see basically what is the manuals.  I don't know if there is a separate PDF manual available.  Many software companies are doing away with separate manuals for cost reasons.

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              Grant Perkins



              I'm not sure about the Network version download file if that is what you are using but the standalone downloads, in my experience, always have some Guide pdfs included. They end up extracted into the Program folder with the main executable programs and so on - you may need to do some deep digging .... 


              All of these are normally installed as options in the Monarch folder in the Windows file system menu -  although of course not many people drill down through folders to get to the program start point these days! There are some other interesting items to be found if you do ....


              11.5, for example, has the Learning Guide, a Functions Reference Guide and the Linked Objects Tutorial. The Learning guide is the one that covers the most ground for general users and can be considered, along with the help, to be the manual offering for the product. 361 pages so it's quite comprehensive just as earlier versions have been.


              Given the nature of what Monarch does it's not easy to put forward a step by step business process to follow (as it might be with regualr corporate software) so the guide introduces the concepts and encourages interactive learning and suggests that users explore more deeply based on their needs. You may not need to know it all - you can probably cherry pick the chapters and section that are of most interest. HOWEVER I always suggest that it is useful to know that a feature (and more especially a FUNCTION) exists even if you can't immediately see a way you might want to use it. You never know when the need might arise!






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                  RalphB _

                  Paul, Grant,


                  We run a network version of Monarch V10.5 Pro at work and those files, the Learning Guide and the Linked Objects Tutorial are there.


                  BTW, when we purchased our V10 Pro network program, we did receive at least one printed manual.  IIRRC, I had to ask IT for it.

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                      Olly Bond

                      Hello Paul,


                      Why do you need the manuals? I'm just asking rhetorically, as it would be a courtesy for Datawatch to provide a printed copy, possibly even for a small charge. Depending on your users skills and requirements, training notes might help. Perhaps the best option would be DataKruncher's ebook "30 Days to become a better Monarch modeller", from www.********************[/url] - its the only documentation of the Monarch Utility in existence, for example.


                      Best wishes,