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    Time Stamp Question

    Marc Osborne



      My settings option for the Time Stamp is set to GMT -5 with automatically detect DST but the time at the bottom of every forum page reads GMT -4 as did a forum post I posted this morning. Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong on the Forum end?





        • Time Stamp Question
          Olly Bond

          Hello Marc,


          I've never looked under the hood of the forums but I think they're hosted in Massachussets so the time zone should be the same as yours, including DST. Perhaps an admin - Grant Perkins might be around later - could dig a little further.


          Best wishes,



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              RalphB _

              H Marc,


              You may want to double check your time zone setting that it did not accidentally change.  I am in the Central time zone (GMT-6) and it displays correctly.  In other programs that I have changed time settings and that, some times they shift to a different setting by themselves before I have a chance to save.