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    Count number of transactions

    Marc Osborne



      I have a Monarch 10.5 table with the following fields:


      Transfer Number (Numeric)

      Customer account number (Numeric)

      SKU (Alpha)

      Date (Date)

      Quantity (Numeric)


      The report this table draws from shows last year's transfer history of various goods between our different branches. Each possible transfer direction has a unique Customer Account Number so Branch A to Branch B could be 1 and Branch B to Branch A could be 2. Each time a transfer occurs it is assigned a unique Transfer Number. Each Transfer number has from one to many lines each with a different SKU and Quantity. I want a total count of Transfers by Customer Account Number. I've tried the function Count in a summary but I only get the count of the number of lines by Customer Account Number. Can anyone help?





        • Count number of transactions
          Olly Bond

          Hello Marc,


          In the Table, make a Filter, click on the Advanced tab, select unique rows and "first row only as sorted" for duplicate rows, based on the Transfer number.


          Back in your summary, make sure it's using this filter, and you should get the right answers.


          Best wishes,