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    New to 64-bit Monarch 11.5 (Problem linking to SQL tables)

    ARICE01 _

      I recently upgraded to an new 64-bit Dell (E6410) pc, and decided to upgrade Monarch Professional to 64-bit 11.5 version as well.  I am finding it impossible to query the large of volume of SQL db tables using Monarch 64.bit that  I query often on daily basis.  The ODBC wizard allows me to input all my credentials and respond with a successful test of connectivity.  However, I cannot see any of the tables, and also responds with a pop-up window saying "Monarch has encountered a problem / We are sorry for the inconvenience"  I have no idea what this pop-up means, other that telling me I have a problem which is obvious. 


      Also note that I am running MS Office 2010 (64-bit).


      I have escalated this to Datawatch Support, but the turn around is painfully slow.  Has anyone had a similar problem which has been resolved?  Any clue as to resolution would be much appreciated... Thanks in advance