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    monarch salary info

    monarchman7 _

      Hi everyone,


      I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm just seeing if anyone would know the "going rate" for someone with advanced Monarch knowledge (assuming the company in question needed high volume data extraction/manipulation). Obviously the persons skills wouldn't be limited to just Monarch, as we know that workarounds in Excel etc are sometimes helpful with Monarch.


      Anyway, I know there are reasons to not post this on a public board (at least if it's not anonymous) so ANY salary info related to Monarch would be great, either here, or in a PM, or emailed to me at hitachi441@gmail.com[/email]. Even ballpark ranges would be great.


      Thanks guys.

        • monarch salary info
          Olly Bond

          Hello MonarchMan,


          It depends on the engagement - if you're looking to hire Datawatch's own services team then I think you're looking at about $2500 a day. It sure would be nice to earn that building models for a living If you're looking to hire someone, will the job just be Monarch or do the candidates need other skills as well, and are these IT skills or business/accounting skills?


          There are two ways to avoid using Monarch - programming on the server side, so the ERP system give you the answers your users need, or programming on the desktop side, usually involving some horrible unauditable mess in Excel. When I'm faced with a problem from users, I trade off the cost of a day's SAP programming (EUR 500) to fix it server side, and factor in the same again as the hidden costs of explaining the business problem to the programmer, validating the result, training the end users on the report, etc.


          Depending on the problem, the resources on the server side, how strictly you try to control spreadsheets, and how much documentation and training you need around each project, you can work out which approach fits best.


          For a full time role, hiring the right candidate is probably most important, regardless of whether they have particular IT skills. You could invest in training for someone new to Monarch - I think the two day beginner course is $1000, again for the intermediate, and for the advanced. So an advanced Monarch user with DataPump skills represents a saving to the employer of perhaps $5000 in training fees, not to mention the salary paid while they learn. Is that worth $5000 a year more? I'd hope so, but that might be stretching it a little.


          Hope this helps,