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    Summary returning incorrect values

    LarryQ _

      I have table data:


      PREM****LOSS**** L/P

            20  ********   4   ****** 50.0

            13  ********  12  ***** N/A

            60  ********  32  ***** 49.9


      (Asterisks are ONLY to keep the fields aligned)



      I want to do a summary with subtotals so I add them all as measurements.

      All subtotals are correct but the column data has changed where N/A SOMETIMES[/U] appears.

      I go back to the table window and replace the N/A with a number (66.6) by doing a calculated field thinking that this might help but the 66.6 is still randomly changing in the summary window.


      My thinking was that I could replace the N/A with a numeric while still maintaining the integrity of the original data along with the sub totals, send it back as a table and then replace the 66.6 back to the original N/A data field with another calculated field.


      I am confused. Why is the data changing? What can I do to solve this problem?