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    Glitches in Monarch Pro version 10.01

    bpaguio _

      Hi I am new to the Forum/User


      The problem I am having has to do with MCR.  My source of data is a PDF file with multi column. After having done what the instructions says in using the trap in MCR, I still didn't get the results I need in extracting the data in the next column. I get the data from the first column but not from the next column.

      I read in one of threads here that the 10.01 version might have something to do with it. Can you point out what are the known glitches in this version or whether the results I am getting is part of this.


      Thank you in advance


        • Glitches in Monarch Pro version 10.01
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Bob and welcome to the forum.


          That's a difficult question to answer without asking a load more questions and I'm not going to have time to create them right now  - maybe later tonight. But in the meantime - any possibility to move up to the 10.5 release?




            • Glitches in Monarch Pro version 10.01
              Olly Bond

              Hello Bob,


              I suspect it's the default sorting.


              You and I would read this:


              Widget Sales   Jan Feb Mar

              Type A            123 456 789

              Type B            543 231 233



              "across then down" but Monarch reads MCRs as down then across. If you have a large data set the second column might be a long way down.


              Using 10.5 or above you can sort on Column() and Page () and Line() to give you the logical order you want.


              Hope this helps,