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    Rows in report span multiple pages

    roldgoldberg13 _

      Monarch Pros,


      I've been asked to create a model for PDF reports in which the rows of data are continued throughout 4 pages of the report.  The first column (item_no) repeats as the first column on each page, but also shifts a little to the right each time.  On the fifth page, the item_no changes to a new set for another 4 pages, etc...I've never attempted to convert a report such as this before, so I'm not sure what the best approach may be.  Any help would be appreciated.




        • Rows in report span multiple pages
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Josh,


          Sounds like two challenges from a slightly inconsistent file or extraction process. Can you make adjustments that will improve the output?


          Is it just the first column that shifts or the whole row? May need to get a bit creative with that - unless you can just trap and extract to a wider column than necessary and then trim to the desired result using a calculated field.


          For the multiple pages - my initial reaction is that you need to set up a page header and 'tune' that to the lines (if any) in the page headers. Or, maybe, there are no headers, just the column shift at change of page?


          Any chance of a small sample? - these things tend to be better viewed than described.