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    Calculated Field Issue

    Traci _

      I have a calculated field that divides one field by another.  Everything looks good on the first record until I get to my subtotals, then just about every calculated field is incorrect.  I have been staring at it for a while now and I am just clueless?!:confused:

        • Calculated Field Issue
          Traci _

          I should also add, when I put the values in the test feature the value returned is correct...so why on earth is it not correct of the spreadsheet?

            • Calculated Field Issue
              Grant Perkins

              Hi Traci,


              By how much are the subtotal fields incorrect?


              Are you dealing with very large numbers?


              Are the subtotals set to have the same number of decimal places as the original data fields?


              Could you have an accumulation of rounding "errors"?


              Could it be that some, but not all, of the individual calculations are based on data that is anomalous?


              Are you selecting only a subset of all records for the main part of the summary?


              Let's start with those questions and see where they take us.