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    Summary , Multi Level cross tab

    DataExploiter _

      V10 allowed a multi level crosstab. Is this functionality available in V11? I couldnt find it in V11. Thanks John

        • Summary , Multi Level cross tab
          Olly Bond



          Yes - its a bit of a fiddle navigating the tabs in the summary dialog but the option to have more than one measure for an across tab in a summary is there.


          Best wishes.



            • Summary , Multi Level cross tab
              kbelli _

              If I'm understanding your question right when you have the summary open you go to Summary | View | Active Measure, and there should be a little drop-down (it's the very top right on my ribbon) where you can select "All, by key" or "All, by measure."


              If I remember correctly though, Monarch has been goofy with this in version 11.  Originally when the headers expanded to two rows it chopped off the initial data record when you tried to copy it elsewhere.  This was fixed in one of the patches.  Now though, if you show mutiple measures across like this and you delete all except one measure without first switching to a single active measure you get stuck with a two-row header, and it disables the active measure drop-down.  You have to add another measure to enable the drop-down, switch back to a single active measure, and then delete the measure you added.  It's goofy, but also nbd.

                • Summary , Multi Level cross tab
                  DataExploiter _

                  I did find the "All, by key" or "All, by measure." Not a big issue but I thought you could select two fields to display across and one or more fields to display down the column. So for example the name going across with the month also going across for the measure of sales as an example and the product type displayed down the column.

                  I could be wrong and this was never possible in V10. Thanks for the help! John