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    Automated Data Pump jump failed

    rsullivan _
        • Sorry that was a typo on my part .. The title of this should be Automated Data Pump JOB failed. **


      I have an automation job that for the last two years has ran fine. It takes a delimitted file and appends into a SQL 2008 database. I have checked the input file and it appears to be in same cinsistant format. The database is up and active and when I manually perform the steps it runs with no issues. The only error I can find in the logs is :


      OleDbException in ServerDB.SetPumpIsDisabled 80004005:

      Error index #0

      Message: The log for database 'DWCHServer' is not available. Check the event log for related error messages. Resolve any errors and restart the database.

      Native: 9001

      Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

      SQL: HY000



      I can't find anything on this error.