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    Monarch 11 and COM programming interface

    dmorse _

      Greetings, Monarch gurus. I'm hoping you might be able to help. I'm an infrequent poster here but have run into an issue I can't resolve. I wasn't able to find anything by searching this forum ... my apologies if I missed something.


      I work for an organization that often uses Access to call Monarch in VBA code . Most of us are using Monarch v10.5 or older, but recently several have upgraded to v11 (still 32 bit). The Access code has worked fine without adding a reference to Monarch.tlb in the past (although I do see the file in the v10.5 program folder), but under v11 we get the error message Your Microsoft Access database or project contains a missing or broken reference to the file 'Monarch.tlb' version 4.0.[/B]


      Normally I know what to do to fix this, but there doesn't seem to be a Monarch.tlb in the v11 installations. I copied the Monarch.tlb (and MonarchCore.tlb) from a v10.5 folder to a shared folder and set the reference to it, but that made no difference. Can someone advise me on what I should do? Thanks much!