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    Multiple reports & models export to single file?

    fatboy02 _

      I have 10 unique .txt files generated from SAP and I have models for each of these files so getting individual export files to Excel is no problem but I want to combine all 10 into an Excel file with a tab for each report for monthly distribution.  Is a project/project export the way to go?  If so, I am a bit confused on the steps.

      I can manually run through each of the report/model combos, export and add the tab to the master file but not sure how I make this into a project export to enable a little automation.  Any tips?  Thanks

        • Multiple reports & models export to single file?
          Olly Bond

          Hello Rob,


          In the project export dialog, you have an option to add data to a file or overwrite it, and to add or overwrite existing tables. In your case, the first project should overwrite the file, but all the others should then add data to it. All of them can safely overwrite the tables (tabs). You can then safely automate Monarch to run the projects in the right order.


          For help with automation, please do have a look at DataKruncher's excellent site www.********************[/url].


          Best wishes,