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    Text field wrapping

    JLain _

      Is there a way to wrap a text calculated field...using version 10.  tks

        • Text field wrapping
          Olly Bond

          Hello JLain


          You can alter the height of a row in the table window, you can change the field type to Memo instead of Character, and experiment with these when exporting. Are you exporting to Excel or PDF?


          You could start chopping a long field using Substr(Field;1;20)chr(13)chr(10)+Substr(Field;21;20) etc. if your data is a postal address, Monarch has a specific function to help you chop these up into sensible chunks.


          Hope this helps,



            • Text field wrapping
              JLain _

              Yes, I'm exporting to Excel which these long text fields can be wrapped post export...was hoping for a solution pre-export. The character and memo options still dont auto widen per field and column width. Unfortunately, my import into these fields have various character lengths and thus therein lies my issue using memo or character as I must set the width to max extremes to capture the text import. In the display window and exporting...the entrie display window now becomes 1 long field for a small population of data responses.  No other way it looks like as there just isnt much functionality on this matter?