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    Datapump v8.5.2.2 and Sharepoint 2007

    Alca _

      Hi there,


      At the moment, my company is downloading flat txt files, applying monarch and converting to excel via Datapump, for manual pasting into Sharepoint tables.


      Does anybody else do this? I'd like to try a few ideas if its possible. And can anybody give me a nudge in the right direction as to how I might go about it, and what information I might need to do it?





        • Datapump v8.5.2.2 and Sharepoint 2007
          Olly Bond

          Hello Alan,


          We use DataPump to export directly to Sharepoint, using a simple copy distribution on the project. That's out of the box in 10.5 - I can't recall what 8.5 could do.


          Best wishes,



            • Datapump v8.5.2.2 and Sharepoint 2007
              Alca _

              Hi Olly,


              I found this a while back. While I have managed to free code projects to push data into an Oracle based Datawarehouse (I couldnt find the functionality to do this through Monarchs front end) I'm not sure whether the principles are the same.


              The following would seem to indicate that its a go-er.....


              MDP V8.5 will allow users to automatically transform reports or data extracts from any system into Excel, Access or PDF files and export them to any WebDAV enabled repository such as SharePoint, Microsoft's enterprise solution for document management and collaboration. MDP V8.5 also provides the ability to update existing rows in a table without programming. This new data update capability works with OLE DB enabled databases (including SQL Server, Oracle and DB2) as well as Excel and Access.


              "Our customers will greatly benefit from the ability of Monarch Data Pump to export directly to SharePoint," said Marc Dispensa, president of NetGI, a provider of Business Intelligence solutions to media and advertising companies and a Microsoft Gold certified partner. "Our business is enabling our clients' employees to make fast, intelligent business decisions. With Monarch Data Pump V8.5, we can now easily get the right information from any system or service bureau, transform it into the right format and put it in SharePoint for secure web-based /Baccess."