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    Illegal charater in name on batch export

    Gromo _

      When I run an export with a simple batch command, Monarch pop's up a window with a message that says "Illegal character in name".  When I press okay.  Monarch continues with the export and the CSV file look fine.     This was working fine on the previous 20 exports.


      Monarch PRO 11


      "C:\Program Files\Datawatch\Monarch\Program\Monarch.exe"  "H:\Projects\PDFmei.xprj" EXP/"H:\output\PDFMEI.CSV"

        • Illegal charater in name on batch export
          Olly Bond

          Hello Gromo, and welcome,


          Does it work OK if you remove the EXP/... bit and just put /pxall as the switch? If you only have once project export defined that should be OK.


          For more technical debugging, can I suggest you check out Kruncher's site at www.********************[/url] and download the Batch File Generator? That will ensure you get the syntax spot on.


          Best wishes,