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    Keyboard Shortcuts for v 11.3

    pams_cf _

      I found the documentation for using the ALT key and keyboard shortcuts.  How do I run the Project Export?  Under v9.0 I could use alt-a or alt-r once the Project Export window opened.  I can get to the Project Export window (ALT-H-P), but want to use a shortcut to run the export.

        • Keyboard Shortcuts for v 11.3
          Olly Bond

          Hello Pams,


          (I hate the ribbon - bring make proper menus! I was at a customer this week working on the German edition of Monarch, so "Templates" became "Muster" and so on - horrible.)


          To avoid the mouse, you can use the TAB key to navigate from the name of the export to "New" then Edit, Delete, Duplicate, ... Move Down, Run and Run All.


          Hope this helps,