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    Exporter error on empty Excel workbook


      Using Monarch 11, Data Pump 10.5 on Windows server.  I have a Data Pump process with five Monarch projects.  Each project has a move input distribution.  Each project has one or more exports.  The projects input and export Excel 2007 workbooks.  The process was working fine until a day with no data in the Excel workbook that is used as input to the first project in the process.  I get the following error:       “Failed: DwchServer.ExporterErrorException: Exporter Error: at           DwchServer.JobHandler.a(MpExportClass A_0, JobLog A_1, Int32 A_2) at      DwchServer.JobHandler.a()”

      I removed the input distribution from the first project and the process fails the same way.  When I open each project in Monarch and run the exports with zero rows each project works fine.  That’s what leads me to think the problem comes when I implement the projects in Data Pump.  I took the first project and put it in its own test process.  The process failed with the same exporter error.  I deleted all the exports and the process runs fine.  Looks like Data Pump export does not like exporting Excel workbooks with zero rows (except column names).  Anyone else run into this?  Is my troubleshooting logic faulty?  Thanks.