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    Strange template behavior--double footer template appends one up, one down

    MonUserCJ _

      Hey all,


      I am working with a report containing people's contact information. Some people have an emergency contact listed underneath their main record. I trapped this using a footer template. The emergency contact info isn't always present and so I have the footer template to be cleared by the detail template.


      It turns out that sometimes there is also a legal guardian listed under the main person's record, and it's structured in such a way that I can't exclude that item without excluding the emergency contact info (i.e. the one I want).


      So sometimes there are 2 footer records under a given detail record. No biggie, I figure--the footer record closer to the detail template will get added and the one further down will be blocked.


      That's not what's happening. Instead, the first footer record appends up to the detail record. But the second footer record appends DOWN, as though it's an append template. This is, of course, incorrect.


      Does anyone know what's causing this? I would appreciate any insight anyone can provide. Thanks.