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    Summary Properties | Apply Filter:  No Filter

    kbelli _

      I am experiencing the following problem using Monarch version 11.3.  Has anyone else experienced this or can you recreate it?


      1.  I create a summary. 

      2.  In the properties for the summary I select "No Filter" under the Apply Filter selection. 

      3.  I finish and open the summary.


      So far so good.


      4.  Leaving the summary open, I switch to the Data View tab. 

      5.  I create a filter, making sure to leave the "Make this the current filter" box un[/I]checked.

      6.  When I switch back to the summary I had kept open, the newly created filter has mysteriously been assigned to the summary.


      What's up with that?


      I have tested this a number of times, and it happens reliably.  It can even be assigned to more than one summary at once.  If I have three summaries open with "No Filter" selected as the assigned filter, editing any other filter will assign it to all three of them.


      This seems particularly dangerous, because you either have to know that this happens, or you have to catch the fact that your summary is using different data all of a sudden.  For the time being I have gotten in the habit of creating a filter called "No Filter (forced)" defined as 1=1, and then assigning it to all summaries where I don't want to use a filter.  But this hardly seems ideal.


      Did I miss something in the lessons somewhere?  Is there a setting that controls this behavior?