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    C Sharp Sample Code

    jx1000 _

      This forum has helped me out like a million times over the last ten years so I hope I can return the favor!


      Here's some sample C# code using the dynamic keyword. You have to be using C# 4.0 or higher for this code to work. Unfortunately when using the dynamic keyword the intellisense won't work but the properties and methods translate almost exactly from VB!


      dynamic Monarch = Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetTypeFromProgID("Monarch32"));


      Monarch.Visible = true;

      bool openfile = Monarch.OpenDatabase("ODBC;DSN=YourConnectionName;", "", "YourTableName", "C:
      Program Files

      Monarch.CurrentSummary = "Test";

      Monarch.JetExportSummary ("C:
      My Documents
      Test.csv", "", 0);