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    Do NOT Create File/Email if Empty

    Jim Weeks

      Hello all.


      I'm not sure if this is a DP Issue or Monarch Pro: We send emails to clients with various data on a daily basis.  Several have asked that they do NOT receive an email if there is nothing to report (the filter applied for that day has no results). However currently Data Pump (10.5) is sending a file with just the header information if there is no data to report.  How can I control that output?


      Thanks for your help!!!

        • Do NOT Create File/Email if Empty
          Olly Bond

          Hello Jim,


          Two quick options to explore - you might find combing them helps. Firstly, the Verification tab lets you stop a process if a filtered set of the table has fewer than n rows.


          If your process generates output burst on all filters, then you might need to split the file creation and file distribution into separate projects. The first one could create all the files, then the second one could open each file, and apply a model to test whether there's data, and apply an input distribution if the file isn't empty.


          Hope this helps,



            • Do NOT Create File/Email if Empty
              Jim Weeks

              Thanks, Olly!  I understand both solutions, I believe, and will take a look at the best method for this particular set of reports.  It would seem elegant to have that same kind of logic on the Export side as well.  After the file is read in, "If this summary (filter) has no results, then don't run the export".  A guy can dream!


              Thanks again!