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    Script to modify email

    Itech _

      I have several projects that send emails through Data Pump (10.5).    In the body of the email I need to add a date based on the day of the week the email is sent.  If sent Monday through Wednesday I need to add two days to the current date.  If sent Thursday or Friday the date needs to be next Monday's date.  Any idea how this can be done through scripting and/or naming macros?


      I already know the whole email can be added to the project through a script but prefer to modify the email that is already setup on the project as an export distribution.

        • Script to modify email
          Olly Bond

          Hello Itech,


          There's a function in Monarch v10, one of the built in user defined functions, I think, that lets you work out that date - although you need to spend a little time defining what day your week starts with and what public holidays you have, etc.


          If you get that defined, then incorporating that field into the export should be possible - and then the distributor should be able to call on it to include it in the email.


          I'm no programmer - my kludge solution would be to name the file with the date and include that in the subject line of the email. But I'm sure there's scripters out there who could help you refine that approach.


          Best wishes,