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    Monarch 11.3 conflicts with ACL 9.3

    Mriley7212 _

      Good morning. We have had trouble with drivers on both Monarch and ACL after loading the newest Monarch. Both versions 11 and 11.3 have caused the issue.


      It seems that Monarch does something to the ODBC drivers and disables them for ACL. Has anyone had this issue and corrected it?



        • Monarch 11.3 conflicts with ACL 9.3
          Olly Bond

          Hello Mike,


          I haven't got any fix for you, other than the recent news release that ACL are going to include Monarch in the next version of their tool, so I'm sure that it is possible to get them to co-exist nicely.


          I'm sure that many users will prefer to keep the flexibility of using ACL and Monarch independently, so I hope that Datawatch can give some advice on this.


          Have you contacted support, and did they help?


          Best wishes,