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    Insert a new column

    baghu_m _

      Column 1     Column 2

      1991               1

      1992               1

      1992               2

      1992               3

      20001       1

      20001       1

      20002       1


      I'm having the first column and I need to insert a new column as a calculated column. Column 2 should read the data from column 1 and it should be based on the number of occurrences.


      1991 is a unique filed - So column 2 says, it is getting repeated only once.

      1992 is repeating for three times, so column 2 is having three field values say 1,2 and 3 and so on.


      I'm using Monarch Pro 11 and I don't want to calculate it through Summary report.


      Hope I'm clear in explaining my requirement.


      Please assist me.




        • Insert a new column
          Olly Bond

          Dear Baghu,


          In one model, in the table window, you can't do this. You'd have to use the summary, or use two models.


          Is your data from a report source? Are the entries for each 1991, 1992, 2001 etc on different pages?


          Best wishes,