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    kfarre05 _

      I'm a new Monarch user and new to the forum. I am using Monarch Pro 9.01. My question is if its possible to set up an automated process (macro??) that can import my report, apply the appropriate model, and export to excel. Any direction on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          Olly Bond

          Hello kfarre, and welcome,


          You can find out a lot about automating desktop Monarch on Kruncher's site www.********************[/url]. There's also a Programmer's Guide that used to be on Datawatch's website, but seems to have disappeared. I'm sure a web search will find it somewhere. I don't know whether the use you describe complies with the licence of Monarch - it might be worth checking to make sure before investing any great effort in customising macros!


          Datawatch do have a product designed for automation - DataPump Server - which would help. Essentially, you define a folder that DataPump watches, when a report arrives, you run a model against it that helps determine which type of report it is (usually in the name or the header of the file), then pass it to a second model that prepares the data you need as Excel, and then distribute that data to the correct recipients.


          Hope this helps,



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              elginreigner _

              I dont know how familiar you are with DOS. As Olly stated, you can utilize the process on Kruncher's website to create the command file. In it's simplest form, the command only requires the location of Monarch, the project to export and what to export.


              "c:\program files\monarch\program\monarch.exe" "I:\NEWBUSINESS\Import\Monarch Models\PSC\AS_STANDALONE.XPRJ" /PXALL /CODE


              This does require generalization amongst the project, that the source file is always named the same. Using Krucher's process can help you for the details if youre looking to apply a model to different reports.

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                  RalphB _

                  Hi kfarre,


                  I did a quick search and found the Monarch Programmers Guide here. url=http://www.datawatch.com/downloads/Monarch_8_Programmers_Guide.pdfProgrammers Guide[/url]. 


                  I use vba quite extensively here to do most of my work and most are set up as Excel macros which work great.  I found using VBA more flexible than the command like as it offers more options especially since all the reports I work with are put out in a separate directory by date each day.


                  You can search the forum website for examples of using vba and Monarch.  If you are stumped or need some help feel free to post here as there are several frequent visitors here that use vba.