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    Hardware Reccommendations

    PYelton _

      Hello, I am posting this on behalf of my user who uses this software everyday.  I'm the IT guy, but have no direct knowledge of Monarch.  The user in question needs a new workstation, and given the price tag, I'd like to make sure we are getting good speed for the dollar value.


      The user does conversions, often using btreive or SQL.  Many of his tables are more than 1 million records long.  He hates waiting.


      Is 64-bit monarch any help?  I see where it's only recommended with 64-bit office.  I conclude from that there is no performance increase with 64-bit monarch, can you confirm?


      Which is typically better for the processor?  Or both?  I'm torn between dual quad core xeon (2.4 ghz) and I7-3.6 ghz.  Woud the user benfit more from the core's and second processor or the ghz speed increase?


      I assume more memory is better?  Is there a limit or cap to this using Monarch 32-bit or 64-bit?  I have priced out 32 gb of memory for his workstation, but don't want it to go to waste if Monarch can't use it.


      I assume SSD is the way to go?  Does that show a noticable improvement with Monarch?

        • Hardware Reccommendations
          elginreigner _

          Hello. I have been using Monarch for years and I am also in IT. Monarch will benefit most from the speed of the processor, I am not aware of it taking advantage of a second cpu. Ram will always be better, I am currently running 12gb. The waiting the user experiences with large datasets (I extract data from tables 200+ million records) will come from the server itself once a good workstation is in place.