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    page break issues

    CGibson _

      I am having an issue Monarching our chargemaster. I have several items that have multiple CPT and HCPCS due to new applicable dates. I am unable to capture a 2nd or 3rd code after a page break as the data header is only applied to the first line of the CPT code. Also, it must be a footer.



        • page break issues
          Olly Bond

          Hello CGibson, and welcome,


          Generally, the Detail template should be used for the most granular bit of information on a report. But sometimes you can get records that need to be repeated. There are two approaches - you can use multiple models, each with a different detail, and export each data set to Access, then join the data together with external lookups. Alternatively, in some cases, there's a workaround using the multiple column region to artificially multiple the number of detail records, allowing you to pick up the multiple footers, and then filtering out what you don't need.


          To help us suggest the best way forward in your case, we'd need to see some sample data - can you post some between CODE tags?


          Best wishes,