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    Formula in summary

    dheerajstock _

      Hi All,


      Is it possible to use formulas in summaries as I have exported quantity data from exteranl lookups and wanted some data from the exisiting PDF to be summariesed and then be subtracted from the exported data.


      any help regarding this would be greately appreciated.





        • Formula in summary
          Olly Bond

          Hello Dheeraj,


          Yes, you can do this in Monarch. If you create a summary with a measure, double click on the measure field and look for the "Calculation" tab. You have a whole range of standard functions (sum, average, count etc) but also an option called Other. Click on that, and you can enter any formula you like.


          Watch out - the formula here is not like a calculated field in the table. In the table, you might say -[EXT_Value]. That works fine for data where you have individual values on a line by line basis.


          In a summary, you'd have to show that as Sum()-Sum() - the formula here only works with aggregations.


          That's OK, but what if you have external values that are already aggregated? You could join them to the table so they appear on every line, but then you don't want to Sum() them again in the Summary. So you might use Sum()-Avg().


          Hope this helps,