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    Monarch 11.3 Problems - HELP

    greywolf1978 _

      Good Day,


      Based on Datawatch's recommendation, we have installed the latest patch to resolve an issue we receive every time a new patch is installed on a server in which the 64 bit version of Monarch Pro resides.  When Monarch is installed fresh, it opens without an issue.  When ever we actually try to do something with it, it pops up an error


      "An unexpected error occured while building the data view.  " is not a valid path.  Make sure that the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides." 


      Monarch then crashes and we cannot do anything else with the app.  This patch was supposed to resolve another issue where we keep getting "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".  This issue is still there.  Monarch is running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with more than ample specs to run the application.  The method monarch provided before was to follow the below steps:


      1.Uninstalled Monarch 11 (following steps that monarch sent to us you can’t just uninstall the software you have to also uninstall the access database engine as well and also deleted some registry files and delete the install folder for monarch)


      2. Then I had to uninstall .NET framework Extended


      3. Then uninstall .NET framework 4 client profile


      4. Then install the windows updates that were causing the issue


      5. Then install Monarch 11 again which will install the Database engine and .NET’s again


      However our IT department has refused to support us on this as they should not need to essentially strip all of the software off the server just to install security updates.  We haven't had much luck with Datawatch themselves and wondering if anyone one else has seen these issues previously and might have any suggestions for a fix.  Thank you in advance.



        • Monarch 11.3 Problems - HELP
          MCDW _

          check the following 4 registry keys


          HKCU\Software\Datawatch\Monarch Pro\Settings\TraceLogFolder

          HKCU\Software\Datawatch\Monarch Pro\Settings\WorkPath

          HKCU\Software\Datawatch\Monarch Pro\Settings\WorkPathDB

          HKCU\Software\Datawatch\Monarch Pro\Settings\WorkPathRDF


          Most likely there is a phantom “number” folder at the end of the path


          EX) C:\Users\CIRILL~1.DWC\AppData\Local\Temp\3\


          If you were to go to this directory under temp there would not be a \3 folder.   All you need to do is delete the \3 from all the paths. 




          Hope this helps