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    Monarch export issues...

    TMacD _

      We are on Monarch Pro V9.


      Have the following problem with exporting summaries.


      Let me try to describe the situation, we are reporting in a multi-sales agent company and we have a central report in which we monitor progress.


      From this central file we need to export series of files (basically 2 per agent, one detailed and one summary all the columns that are in summary are also in the detailed) in order for them to look at their own region. So we have build filter for each agents and linked these to each of the summaries we want to export. This specific model - with 63 summaries - each of them linked to a unique filter - creates 63 files from the same report.


      So far so good.


      When we export / all summaries files are created and at face value there is no problem, however upon opening the last say 6 summary level / files we get the following error message (bear in mind that the more detailed one with the same data is always OK) :


      "Repaired Part: /xl/worksheets/sheet1.xml part with XML error.  Load error. Line 1, column 2371."


      The peculiar issue is that if we export once of problematic files on its own the problem doesn't seem to repeat itself.


      Is anyone aware of this problem and has a solution for this.

        • Monarch export issues...
          Olly Bond

          Hello TMacD and welcome,


          I've seen a few (too many) models like this with lots of filters and lots of summaries - they get really hard to manage. It sounds to me that you could do this with two summaries, using the sales agent field as the first key field, and export the summary to burst to new files on each instance of a new value of the key field. I'd suggest also duplicating the model and running one summary export only from each project to help narrow down the possible source of the problem.


          Once you've created 63 exports (are they Excel files? do you have each summary on a separate worksheet, so each agent gets one file with two tabs?) how do you distribute them to the users?


          Hope this helps,



            • Monarch export issues...
              TMacD _

              Olly thanks for that - we will try your suggestions.


              to answer your questions.

              - All files created are excel files.

              - Each summary is a file on its own indeed.

              - Each agent gets 2 files (1 summary + 1 detail).

              - We publish these files onto a shared folder where each agent can obtain his or he files.