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    Concern about dealing with default value of date type

    MonUserCJ _

      Hey all,


      I often work with birth dates, and so the date field type seems quite useful to me. I like that Monarch will export date fields in YYYYMMDD format. One big concern I have, however, is that the default value of the date is 1/1/1970. I would prefer that the field be blank than contain this default date, as it will prevent the default date from incorrectly being used.


      What is the best way to prevent against this? I suppose I could make a calculated field that checks if the date is 1/1/1970 and evaluates to nothing if it is, but then I will incorrectly filter out any dates that are actually 1/1/1970.


      If anyone can provide an elegant way of dealing with this potential issue, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.