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    Importing PDFs

    childress _

      Hello, I am a new user of Monarch Pro 64-Bit, Version 11.0.  I have recently started a new role and management has given me a second computer with Monarch Pro to streamline our auditing process.  I have two main questions and hopefully you can help me more effectively use the product.


      1.       I am having trouble importing PDFs in order to create templates.  When I go to File < Open < Report, I find a PDF file to open.  I have tried different formats but it is still not recognizing the document in the 'PDF Import Options' screen (opens a blank tab).  At first I thought it was not recognizing due to the messy layout, but I simplified the layout via Word-to-PDF converter and it still does not recognize.


      2.   This is a general question.  I work with large quantities of vouchers and sales data and I need to extract pertinent information quickly and accurately.  What is the best method to do this? How do you apply a Monarch template to hundreds of PDFs at a time?


      Thank you for your assistance.

        • Importing PDFs
          Olly Bond

          Hello Childress, and welcome,


          PDFs can be a pain, but the most important thing is to check that you've got text-based PDFs and not just a scanned image.


          Can you open the PDF in Acrobat Reader and select all the text, and copy it into Notepad? If so, then you should be OK in Monarch.


          If you'd like to email me a sample PDF I'll happily build you a model to help you get started.


          Best wishes,



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              elginreigner _

              Olly is correct, determine if it's a scan image first, which it sounds like it is. Also, keep in mind there is a limit on how many PDFs can be opened at once. In 10.5 I think it was around 300 or so, I don't recall the exact number, nor do I know if the limit has been adjusted for v11.


              If it's a scannned image you could also use an OCR software to convert from a scanned image to document Monarch can read.