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    exports and imports

    stevo _

      when I export a field  to access and then import it to another table and include it in a calculated expression (example) field one + imported field , the imported field is not adding?

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Stevo, and welcome,


          That's odd behaviour - but it sounds like a field type mismatch. If you add a numeric field to a character field, or a null value to a non-null value, you might see this sort of problem.


          Does that help?


          Best wishes,



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              Grant Perkins

              Just to ensure we have not skipped any first level questions .... I've done that too often in the past.


              In addition to Olly's question, is your calculated field large enough for the combined fields? Both data and display length? (I'm thinking text fields here - if you are working with numeric ignore this, probably)


              If you use the "Show field contents" option you can easily confirm the content of oversize (eg multiline and Memo) fields.