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    Creating Subtotals in Monarch v11

    roldgoldberg13 _

      I am attempting to insert subtotals into a Monarch Summary, but I cannot figure out how to insert a subtotal at each change of a value in a different column.


      I have a table that contains separate columns for account name, check number and dollar amount.  I would like to be able to subtotal on the dollar amount at each change in account name.  I would assume that the best way to do this would be in a summary view, but I'm unable to reach the final result that i want.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




        • Creating Subtotals in Monarch v11
          Olly Bond

          Hello Josh,


          In the summary, double click on the key column, in your case account name, and go to the Display tab. There you can set the subtotals to be calculated each time that key changes. The subtotals will be calculated for all the visible measures.


          To see an example, open Classic.prn and Lesson11.xmod from the tutorial files, and check out the subtotals on customer in the summary called Sales By Media.


          Hope this helps,



            • Creating Subtotals in Monarch v11
              roldgoldberg13 _

              Thank you for your response, Olly.


              The example you provided was helpful, but I'm still having trouble inserting a subtotal into the Account column of my summary...After double clicking on the Account column, it doesnt give me the option to insert a subtotal based on that column like it does for other columns with numeric values. It gives me the following message:

              "Subtotaling and other "after value change" settings do not currentlyapply for this key because it is the last down key in the summary and there are no Items." - any idea what I'm doing wrong?


              Thanks for your help,