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    Consolidated Emails

    thompssc _

      Does anyone else experience this issue? I'm not certain if it's Datapump or our SMTP server but occasionally if we have 2 different exports in the same process that are emailed to the same person those emails get combined into a single email (Both Subjects, Bodies, and Attachments in 1 email). Recently I was notified by a user that they would receive 2 exact copies of the same combined email every day.

        • Consolidated Emails
          Olly Bond

          Hello Scott,


          Yes, we see this occasionally - DataPump 10.5 on a Windows Server 2008 running on VMware, with a remote Notes mail environment - and I'm hoping next week to look at implementing the solution suggested by Joey in a recent thread here.


          Staggering process schedules has minimised the problem - it seems to be a timing issue.


          Best wishes,