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    carry over previous value

    adonis _

      Hi All

      quick question

      I have a line that populates the entire first line but there are 3 fields that are left blank.

      The 2, 3 and last fields.  I want to copy the previous value made available.  example being where you see ID Type = A.B.  and Name = ABC LLC, and number = 123, i want to carry them over until the next populated values. 

      2012-05-01     A.B.     ABC, LLC     S-2 UNAFF     CCF/CCF2     244     0.06     14.64     123

      2012-05-01               S-1 UNAFF     CCF/CCF2     342     0.06     20.52     

      2012-05-01               INTER. CONFIRM     MDH     362     0.15     54.3     

      2012-05-01               DISC. CONFIRM     MDH     557     0.06     33.42     

      2012-05-01               INTER CONFIRM MAT     MDH     650     0.23     149.5     

      2012-05-01               OASYS-TM SURCHARGE     MDH     649     0.07     45.43     

      2012-05-01               SSI ENRICHMENT     MDH     159     0.05     7.95     

      2012-05-01     A.B.     DEF, LLC     S-2 UNAFF     CCF/CCF2     221     0.06     13.26     12345

      2012-05-01               S-1 UNAFF     CCF/CCF2     184     0.06     11.04     

      2012-05-01               INTER. CONFIRM     MDH     4705     0.15     705.75     

      2012-05-01               DISC. CONFIRM     MDH     7342     0.06          440.52 /code



      this is what it looks like in text, unfortunately the spacing is not present,

      there are blank spaces between the few records available and want to carry over the data that is available for the 3 missing values


      A.B.        123 ABC, LLC                 S-2 UNAFF          CCF/CCF2                   244     0.060        14.64     

                                                               S-1 UNAFF          CCF/CCF2                   342     0.060        20.52     

                                                               INTER. CONFIRM     MDH                        362     0.150        54.30 **  

                                                               DISC. CONFIRM      MDH                        557     0.060        33.42 **  

                                                               INTER CONFIRM MAT  MDH                        650     0.230       149.50 **  

                                                               OASYS-TM SURCHARGE MDH                        649     0.070        45.43 **  

                                                               SSI ENRICHMENT     MDH                        159     0.050         7.95 **                                                                               

      A.B.      12345 DEF, LLC S-2 UNAFF          CCF/CCF2                   221     0.060        13.26     

                                                               S-1 UNAFF          CCF/CCF2                   184     0.060        11.04     

                                                               INTER. CONFIRM     MDH                      4,705     0.150       705.75 **  

                                                               DISC. CONFIRM      MDH                      7,342     0.060       440.52 ** /code

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Adonis,


          If you post sample reports between (CODE) and (/CODE) tags but using square brackets, the spacing is preserved. In this case, if we knew the spacing, we could advise as to whether you need to use one model, possibly with a floating trap, and advanced field properties, (check out the Media field in Lesson10.xmod and Classic.prn) or whether you're going to need more than one model to clean this up.


          Best wishes,



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              adonis _

              thanks can you please check now Olly

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                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Adonis,


                  You'll have no problem in one model, as far as I can tell. I'm not sure which sample - the one with the dates or the one with the ** - is the accurate one - but as long as there's never more than two words in the ABC, LLP field and in the S-1 UNAFF field, you can cope without either the floating trap or two models. If you sometimes have data like ABC DEF, LLP and S-1 UN AFF then you might face a more difficult challenge. Is the source data text or PDF?


                  Best wishes,



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                      adonis _

                      the data is a text file

                      also the abc llc has possibility of multiple words not just 2 words.

                      I defined the field, and basically only populates for the first line and the rest in sequence are just blank.

                      I am just trying to copy the previous value when the field is null without destroying the output



                      look at the bottom data

                      the ones with dates are the configured templates output as you don't see the report data showing up

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                          Olly Bond

                          Hello Adonis


                          It all depends on the consistency of the layout of the first line - can we separate the lines saying:


                          A.B.        123 ABC, LLC                 S-2 UNAFF       /CODE


                          A.B.      12345 DEF, LLC S-2 UNAFF          CCF/CCF2    /CODE


                          based on a regular logical rule?


                          Can we split after 20 or so characters, or after the second space after a comma, or before the first space before a hyphen? If they are wrapped up together as badly as your sample suggests, it might be difficult to untangle field 2 from field 3.


                          Can you email me the data and the model?


                          Best wishes,



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                              adonis _

                              The data is as follows:  if you look from here instead of my configured data, then

                              Column 1,2 and 3 need to be carried over as the first line is populated while the subsequent line items start at column 4 forward until the end.  I need to copy the missing line items from 1, 2 & 3 for the following items and start again once a change takes place where there is a new Line that has Columns 1, 2 & 3 populated again, that is why I gave you two sets above to show you the start and then how a new line item can start after a few lines.  the field values below can change, but the format doesn't, only the first 3 fields below are the issue where the initial line has all data, and the others start from column 4 until the next set of grouped lines where the line 1 will have all fields and the same pattern repeats.


                              Column 1:  A.B.  

                              Column 2:  12345

                              Column 3:  DEF, LLC  (don't worry about the comma or hyphen this is a description field, and the comma is not always available)

                              Column 4:  S-2 UNAFF         

                              Column 5:  CCF/CCF2

                              Column 6:  221

                              Column 7:  0.060

                              Column 8:  13.26