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    Need Help Please

    ricklesgolf _

      I searched the forum and could not find an answer to my problem so here it goes.  I have  XPS reports that I am trying to get into an excel format.   My template is highting all of the data that I need but I have two problems.  One is that the first record on each XPS file is highlighted correctly on the template but is NULL in my table.  I am collecting Fname, Lname, Date and Amount.  The first record on each file is just giving me Fname and Lname.  Date and Amount are NULL.  Also, I have a date field that is highlighting and capturing the dates correctly on the records except i have discovered several that are getting the wrong date.  The date on the XPS file may be 10/20/11 but it is showing 10/26/11.  I even did a search in my report which shows the trapped data highlighted and the date is selected correctly in my search.  Monarch finds the date but the wrong date is in my table.  Hope this makes sense.  Thanks.


      UPDATE:  I noticed that there is a page break where the date problem occurs.  It seems when there is a page break on a record, the date from the record on the next page is swapped with the date of the record on the previous page.  If the record that began on page 1 is 10/20/11 and the record on page 2 is 10/26/11, the record that began on page 1 is 10/26/11 and the record on page 2 is 10/20/11.

        • Need Help Please
          Olly Bond



          The first part of the problem can be solved by changing your template types. The fields that are null in your first row are most likely being captured by an append template thatis set to capture data below the relevant detail template.


          The second part concerns multiple line samples for a detail record, which can be fixed by defining a page header template, or by splitting the multi line sample into smaller single line templates.


          Hope this helps