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    Version 9 Pro and Access 2007

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      Hello everyone -


      I am currently using Monarch Pro V9.  I export a lot of information to Access databases.  The databases that I export to are in version 2003 right now but I may have to convert them to 2007 in the next couple weeks.  When I tried a few test exports, the tables were not showing up in the database even though the export looked like it normally does in Monarch.


      Is it possible to export to a 2007 database using Monarch V9?  If so, is there a different procedure to doing it because it's not working for me.


      Thank you in advance for your assistance!  

        • Version 9 Pro and Access 2007

          Sorry, you will need to upgrade to Monarch V10 to write to the accdb file format. 


          I suppose if you had to, you would write to a .mdb file with Monarch V9, and have your .accdb file have linked tables or macros/queries to pull the data in.  But that's pretty ugly.