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    External Lookup problem - 1:1 Relation

    Oli _

      I've got 2 files which I like to combine.

      The colums of the fields are separated in the example below with "|"


      1. File:

      Art-Nr | Date



      Art-Nr | Date Beginn (Period)| Date End (Period) | value


      In both files are duplicates of the "Art-Nr".

      In the 2. File are for duplicates of the Art-Nr different periods (Date Beginn (period) | Date End (Period) with different values


      Now I like to have as a lookup the corresponding "value".


      How can I give Monarch the information which Relation is the correct value ?


      Art-Nr  <-> Art-Nr

      Date  <-> within Date Begin (period) <->Date End (Period)