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    Oli _


      I've got a problem with DateIsInRange.


      I've got a model with:

      starting period in field 1 (e.g. 01.03.2012)

      ending period in field 2 (e.g. 31.05.2012)

      an date field 3 (e.g. 15.04.2012)


      I like to idetify all the lines which are true with the field date in field 3 (all lines which are in the periode 01.03-31.05.2012)

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          kbelli _

          I hope I'm understanding correctly.  Are fields 1, 2, and 3 all defined as dates?  Because I would think you could just do this:


          Indicator Field


          if( >= .and. <= , 1, 0 )



          or this:




          >= .and. <=

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            Olly Bond

            Hello Olli


            You can compare dates with simple operators, like "greater than or equal to". I'm writing this from a Blackberry so can't actually write the symbols Aha - found the "sym" button.


            Field3 >= Field1 .and. Field3 <= Field2


            Should work.





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                Oli _

                ...thanks, this should work. But what is with the usage of the function "DateIsInRange" ? Can this work, too ?

                I tried it but I always get "Nill"

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                    KeyserSoze _



                    So long as EndDate > StartDate, DateIsInRange essentially uses


                    If((RptDate >= StartDate) .And. (RptDate < EndDate),1,0)


                    Note that if RptDate = EndDate then DateIsInRange will return 0.


                    If you're getting null values then at least one of the dates that you're using in DateIsInRange isn't a valid date value to Monarch.