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    Have Summary show no data

    bgoderwis _

      I know there's a way to do this, I just can't find the right thread.


      I have a list of doctors. I also have a report that shows the services provided. Not all of the doctors provided a service for the time period. I want my Monarch (v11) summary to show all the docs and show zero services for the docs that are not on the services report. I will automate all this with a batch file.



        • Have Summary show no data
          Olly Bond

          Hello bgoderwis,


          You can do this, but you'll need two models - one to get the data for the doctors that did something, then another to append those who didn't. If you then want to sort the doctors by name, for example, so you don't have all the busy ones listed first and the lazy ones underneath, then you would need a third model. But it's all do-able and automatable.


          Best wishes



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              bgoderwis _

              Hi Olly,


              Thanks for the quick response.


              "Append" was the magic word I was looking for.  I also like your descriptions of "busy" and "lazy".  I'm seeing one model for the services report to get the busy docs.  Then would the second model use the doctor list as input and the service report as a lookup and a filter to get the lazy ones?