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    Record split due to page break

    fayaz _

      Hi Folks,


      Would appreciate if someone could help on this. 


      My sample pannel consists on more than one line. In case if there is page break (on txt report) between records then system does not capture the record which is after the page break.


      Thanks in advance.


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        • Record split due to page break
          Grant Perkins

          It sounds like you need a Page Header template in the model.


          So long as the header for each page is consistent (most reports are but a few are not) once you have defined the page header rows and set the template type (no fields need be defined if you have no use for them) Monarch should be able to deal with records that cross over page boundaries. If the Header happens to consistently add an extra blank line under the header 'text; but before the continuation line of the record then make that line part of the header too.


          In effect the Page Header lines become 'invisible' for the main Monarch extraction processes and are dealt with only by the Page Header extraction process.


          Sometimes reports are written in a way that requires a few extra tweaks to get the full result. If you are still seeing some challenges post an example of a couple of pages of the report's format across a page break and we can take a more detailed look at it.