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    Converting a Numeric decimal number to string

    Mandvika _

      I have a field caled unitCost in my data model- I have created it using the formula Val(LSplit(Data,10," ",5)) and I get the value 49.50 in the unitCost column as I have defined the field as numeric type with 2 decimals. I use the same field to create a new string in another column using the following formula--


      trim(strip("L""1013324"PONumber""LineNumber"~"str(unitCost,5,2)"0"str(Quantity)"HU2032923"dtoc(ShipByDate)"""~"+dtoc(CancelDate);" "))


      where str(UnitCost,5,2) value to convert this decimla number to a string is coming as null in Test and its making the value for the entire column null. Can somebody tell me what am I doing wrong here?