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    Running Datapump job w/ .txt file and no model

    LaurieSoto _

      Am I able to run a datapump job with a.txt file without a.mod file attached?

        • Running Datapump job w/ .txt file and no model
          Olly Bond

          Hello Laurie,


          Normally, a DataPump "job" would be an instance of a DataPump "process" being executed, either manually, as a scheduled job, or via a script call to PumpAPI.


          A "process" consists of a defined sequence of "projects". A "project" is an XML file created in Monarch that consists of three elements:


          1. The path to the input file (in this case your text file)

          2. The path to the model to use - there has to be one and only one model in a project.

          3. The export paths for table and summary exports of the project.


          So, thinking back to Lesson10 and the Betty's Music Store data, you might have a model "Lesson10.xmod", and an input file of "Classic.prn", and an export defined to export the summary "Sales by Media" as "Sales.xls".


          You can tell DataPump to "monitor" a folder, so if you put the text file there, the process starts automatically. The model will still have to exist somewhere, however.


          Hope this helps!


          Best wishes,