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    Floating Point Trap Problem

    ccbamatx _

      I have a HEADER line of trap data.  The trap looks like this (I added the ___ as spacers for the trap characters for this post):


      [FONT="Courier New"]

      T __________________BANK

      S 04/26/12   12:51:17         BANK #:  08831        -- CHECKS PAID --[/FONT]


      I have the DATE and TIME defined as fields.  Without floating point checked, the fields work just fine.


      Sometimes, the date on the report will be 4/26/12 (effectively shifting the entire line one character to the left)... so, I click Floating Point and click "Shift to match sample"  When I do this, the fields turn green and do not show up on the table.



        • Floating Point Trap Problem
          Olly Bond

          Hello ccbmatx,


          Traps are tricky - even if they're not floating - and the secret here is to add a numeric N (wildcard numeric) trap in column one to the T line. This should make Monarch wake up and smell the coffee,and define the field for the date for x characters to the right of the first N numeric hit, while preserving the literal trap on BANK.


          Hope this helps,



            • Floating Point Trap Problem
              ccbamatx _

              OllyInMunich.... Thanks for the suggestion.   Unfortunately, I am still getting a (null) in the table

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                  Data Kruncher

                  As Olly's currently catching up on his beauty sleep (trust me, good thing ), I'll jump in.


                  What field is giving you a null value? Is it defined as a Numeric field when the data is Character? Does this single record in your sample generate the null? I'll assume it to be the TIME field. What data type did you assign it?

                    • Floating Point Trap Problem
                      ccbamatx _

                      Thanks for the reply.  At the moment... it looks like this (floating):



                      [FONT="Courier New"]

                      T ÑØÑÑØÑÑßßßÑÑØÑÑØÑÑßßßßßßßßßBANKß#:ßßÑÑÑÑÑ

                      S 4/26/12___12:51:17_________BANK_#:__08831___-- CHECKS PAID --[/FONT]


                      4/26/12 is type Character and is displaying 4/26/12 in the table

                      12:51:17 is type Character and is ALSO displaying 4/26/12 in the table; and

                      08831 is type Character and is displaying 4/26/ in the table